Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First grade, here we come!

We're 2 weeks into first grade. So far so good. Smiles abound. Giggles to be heard. Tears shed...only because we're so very tired...otherwise our house is embracing the start of school.

J & I are having a good start to the year too. Good classes. Minor technology snafus. Days that sometimes seem to go quickly, but of course, can also seem extremely long.
It's hard to believe we have first graders. Weren't we just bringing them to preschool not long ago?

I love seeing all of the back to school photos from everyone. That's the bonus to Facebook, I suppose. It makes you realize there are so, so many people doing the same thing as we are. Funny thing is, when they're your kids, it seems like they're it. They're the only ones.

We're full swing into homework every night-reading, spelling, math, sometimes writing. The kids are really diligent about it every day, too. Makes us happy, seeing the kids loving to learn.

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  1. Love the old photos mixed in Kim! Such cute kiddos!