Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Letter to the Editor

I am published! Well, I suppose I was technically published a year ago with the Minnesota Writing Project. But now I'm really published. Some of my friends have probably read my letter. That makes it a little more real. 

I took the time to write to the Sun-Current (our local newspaper) in support of my kids' elementary school. There had been positive press about other elementary schools in the area and I wanted others in the community to know about how great our school is too! So I wrote. I've never written to the editor. And then to have it published. Pretty neat if you ask me! I only hope the staff at the school really knows that it comes from the heart and I meant every word I said. Read on!

To the Editor:
I am a parent of two children who attend S.H. Elementary School. I have just returned from attending their Open House and we are all smiles around our house. There was certainly a lot of positive energy in the building tonight!

S.H. has done amazing things for children and will continue to do so this upcoming school year. My kids have a love for learning all things. This is, in large part, due to their kindergarten experience at S.H. It was remarkable. And here we are again, at the beginning of another school year, with great things about to happen. I am thrilled to be at S.H. for another year filled with success of not only my children, but also all of the children at the school.

State test scores were released today and our decision to send our children to S.H. was confirmed, once again, by the success of the school and the teachers. The growth in scores is simply amazing. Kudos to the teachers and administration at S.H. for putting the needs of students first, and empowering them with the tools to succeed. Thank you to all of the faculty, as you really have a positive influence on all students you teach.

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