Friday, July 29, 2011

Laugh Out Loud!

Sometimes kids are laugh-out-loud funny. You know? The last two days I have been driving and the kids have said things that were so funny (to me, at least) that I laughed out loud. Then they start laughing and we all laugh together, which is one of the best sounds in the world.

Me to A: Honey, you have the hiccups again? Didn't you have the hiccups yesterday, too? Goodness!
A: I know, Mom.
C: Yeah, what's wrong with you? (with that "seriously, what's wrong with you" tone, but not in a mean way)
-laughter from me-then laughter from everyone!
As I'm writing this, it doesn't sound as funny as it was in the car. Funny how that happens!

C: Mom, I just saw a dead monkey on the road.
Me: You did?
C: Yeah.
Me: (laughing) Buddy, monkeys don't live here. They live in warmer places.
C: Oh (smiling). Well then, what was it?
Me: A raccoon.
C: Well, it looked like a monkey.

And then of course there was one other thing I remembered in the car today that happened yesterday, and I sat down to write and I cannot remember what it was. So there may be an extension to write later if I remember!

Kids are really laugh-out-loud funny sometimes. Don't you think?

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