Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!

(These posts come late as I had connection issues and the computer was being used for classwork. Better late than never, though!)

Today (July 10th)  is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Mom!
My mom is a wonderful lady, mamma and mom. I love her dearly. You know how "people" say moms know best? It's true. They do. They know a lot about a lot. Little things, big things...it doesn't really matter what it is, they know a lot. I'm lucky to have a mom like that.

I also know that she'll be there whenever I need her. She is trusting, kind and loving. She loves me and the kids unconditionally, even when we're not perfect. She knows we try our best at everything we do. She's supportive. She's lovely.
Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you so very much!


My dad's birthday was yesterday (July 17th). Now he and my mom are the same age. He can always hold that over her head for a week...the fact that he is younger than her for just that little bit.
I love my dad, as any child would. My dad is quiet mannered and kind. He is gentle and caring. He teaches and is patient. He loves and is loved! He is a great Papa to our kids; they love him to bits. C loves watching races with him. He just said to me today, "Mom, Papa sure loves to watch racing. And so do I. Who do you think taught him to love watching racing? He taught me, that's for sure." It's the little things that make kids happy and think about their grandparents.
My dad is also a hard worker. He doesn't sit still very much, but that is to everyone elses advantage. He pretty much runs when he is at work to get everyone their things on time. He doesn't sit still at the cabin, but that's because he is always doing something to fix something or make it better for someone else. He's pretty selfless.
I love you, Dad! I couldn't wish for anyone different but you. Happy Birthday!

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