Friday, July 8, 2011

Catching up...a visit to a museum

Do you ever feeling like you’re always catching up? I do. At least that’s how I’m feeling right now in the summer about my writing. I did so well during my month-long challenge in March! But that was long ago, so now I sit here with my list of things to write about and I go back to the month of May.
I was lucky enough to take some time to go on a field trip with A & C’s class when they went to the Art Institute. I had only been once before on a different field trip (9 years ago) so I was excited to go. We had read a Fancy Nancy book about going to a museum so the kids were a little familiar with what to expect. Not that she tells all, but at least they identified a bit.
The kids were all paired up as they walked into the museum. It was clear they had done this before-gone on field trips-as they knew just what was expected of them!
Upon walking into the building, we were greeted by our guide who explained we were going on a safari. This meant we would be looking for all things animal related. I have to say as I walked through I was less focused on the artwork on display and more focused on how well the kids were doing walking through the exhibits. Wow! Would our kids act like this if we went as a family? I hope so, but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

My memory from this day lies in the fact that I got to be there with my kids. They were just as excited about me being there as I was to be with them. I remember what it was like as a kid-having parents that worked full time-and having those couple days when I knew my mom was going to be at a class party or on a field trip with me. They were highlights of that year, no matter the age. Even though the kids are only 4, and maybe they don’t think like that yet, I know I feel like I’m making a difference like my parents did when I was younger.

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