Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 Years

Happy Anniversary to my Honey! 10 years ago today we were married on a very hot day. Go figure, in July. We cannot believe that 10 years have already gone by. I'm pretty sure that seemed like forever when we were married.
I have to say that I feel like our relationship is stronger and better than it ever has been. Not that it has ever been not good, but I think it has gotten better as we've been together longer. I feel really lucky in that sense because for many people that is not the case. I think we "get" each other more than before. I understand where J is coming from and can see his point of view. It isn't just about what I think or about what I want. Sure, I still want things to go my way, but I know and understand where he is coming from which is important in a marriage.
Going through being a parent together makes me appreciate and understand our relationship even more, too. I think being parents together makes us stronger. Where I lack, he picks up and is strong and vice versa. Having the strong relationship base we have in our marriage makes being a parent that much better because we know we have each other.
We have each other. That's the most important thing. I don't care about the size of our house, the trips we take, the things we have, the places we go...all of that pales in comparison to what we have in our marriage. I panic at the thought of the day when I don't have that. The only time I see that coming is when one of us is no longer here (physically). Until then I will live in the here and now with J and thank God for every day I have with him!

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