Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, part 2

Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Another Christmas celebration, and another Christmas post! Christmas Day brought us to my mom and dad's house for presents and food. What more could you ask for on Christmas!
One thing we didn't really count on this Christmas was having sick kids. Not really too sick, but bad colds just aren't a fun thing to have on a holiday, that's for sure! A was a little worse off than C, but she plowed through and was a champ just the same. The kids opened their stockings first, because Santa even visited Mamma and Papa's house! Lucky kids, that's what I think! We ate brunch and then moved on to opening the other gifts to and from each other.
The kids loved their gifts. C especially loved all of his "Cars" things: new cars he didn't have yet, his "Cars" sheets and his "Cars" sticky wall pictures. A loved her sticky wall pictures and her princess sheets.
The biggest hit with both of the kids though, were the guitars or "cuitars" as C calls them. Yes, our kids got guitars. See for yourself...

They love them and already know their first song. C's is "Schools Out for Summer" and A's is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Yes, our kids will know some rock 'n roll songs before the winter is over. They love music so this was perfect. You'll see them in their rock 'n roll shirts in another post to come.

Thanks for a fun Christmas Day, Mom & Dad. We love all of our gifts, but love spending time with you most of all.

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