Monday, September 6, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...

...take me out with the crowd! "Hey Mommy! That's just like the song on the Mickey CDD!" It's true-the Mickey Mouse CD we have in the car is the place our kids learned to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." It was good practice, though because yesterday we took the kids to their first Twins game! Lesson learned: Double check the starting time of the game, even if you hear the night before it is starting at the time you think. Yup-we didn't do that and we ended up at the stadium about an hour and a half early. With 2 four year olds. Ugh.
The kids were amazed as to how big the stadium was. They loved looking at the field and seeing the big video board where there was something with TC Bear on as we walked in.That being said, we did ok. We watched the legends game with past Twins players (it was the 50th anniversary weekend) first. C then proceeded to ask if the game was over after the first out of the game, at which point J & I looked at each other wondering just how long we were really going to last. We also kept our kids occupied with food. Is that the good parent thing to do? Probably not, but that's the only thing that helped us last! Here's how it went:
*During the legends game: hot dog and a drink
*Kids had snacks Mamma packed for us (all 3 of them)
*2nd inning: Kettle Corn
*5th inning: ice cream sandwiches that C had been asking for since the legends game
*6th inning: nachos for J & me
*8th inning: ice cream for J & me with bites for A & C
Yes, that's how much we had to eat. Hopefully I'm not the only one that has done this with their children. In fact, I'm sure I'm not!

We made a "Circle Me Bert" sign, but I don't think we were circled. Oh well!
The highlight for everyone-or maybe just for J & me-was after the game when the kids got to run the bases.
What a treat! But really Twins, did you have to extend the 9th inning so long? It was more than this little boy could handle! It was really neat to be able to be on the field, walking around the warning track, past the dugouts and behind home plate. The kids liked doing it too-C touched all of the bases, but A didn't touch home plate. They're still trying to figure out what baseball is all about. I'm not sure at what point "running the bases" will be looked at as something "cool to do," but at least J & I have the memory!
I do love having the opportunity to take our kids to things like this. Going to the game this year may have been a little soon with two 4 year olds, but we loved it just the same! Oh...and the Twins did win! "Go Joe Mauer!" (as A said over and over)

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