Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was A & C's first day of preschool at their new school. We found out (in the middle of August) that their neighborhood school had a pre-K program available for 4 year olds. Perfect! This was just what I had been looking for earlier in the year, back in the spring. I had been looking because 2 of my other friends had found pre-K programs within their kids' schools they would be attending for kindergarten. I was thrilled to find this at our home school.
A & C were so excited to start the day. They were most excited to go with their new backpacks, truth-be-told. We ate breakfast before we went-they were more than excited to get dressed and move on with their morning activities...after Mommy had to wake them up, of course!
Thanks to their positive attitude in the morning, I was able to snap a few great pictures of them before they left for the day.
As we got to school, they ran to the door and couldn't wait to get to their locker. They got their folders out of their bags, hung their backpacks in their lockers and were ready to start the day! As I was taking a few last pictures, there was a group of 4 year olds that came into the classroom to play until the day officially started. This helped the kiddos get into the room. They bounded in, bells on, ready to start the day with play! I can't imagine a better way, that's for sure!
The kids came home with lots to tell. A was most concerned with telling me about C's interaction with a little girl. Here's about how it went: C took a little girl's coloring sheet, but didn't know it was hers because her name was written so small. He put his name on it and she "got upset," as A put it, with him. It was all sorted out in the end. That was what A had to say about the day...oh-and that only one little boy took a nap, but that it is ok to take a nap because that's what their teachers told them (and Mommy, too!).

C came home telling J all about his favorite things. One of his favorite things was singing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." He also liked that he got to move some letters on the whiteboard. Stories were a favorite of his too. J got a lot more out of him on the ride home than what I got from A! But, I did get one fact from C: "Mommy, I was a little silly today." "Oh, you were Buddy?" "Yeah. They told me two times not to be so silly." " next time, on Wednesday, are you going to be so silly?" "No, Mommy. I won't be." We'll see how Wednesday goes!

I think hot lunch went ok, but of course you never know as the parent. They loved that they had chocolate milk, of course!

All in all, it was great picking up happy kids! There isn't anything better than having kids come running at you at the end of the day with huge, smiling faces. I love happy kids, especially after their first day at a new school!

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