Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ok, now we're even

"Bless Anna. Make sure she feels better soon!" This is what C wrote as A was on her way to the hospital to get her stitches on her forehead. Yes, the score is now even with stitches and ER visits with our kids. Today it was A's turn.

Now as I look back on this and as C reads this (someday), he will see that there is no way around it other than to say that it was his fault. Sorry C!! The kids were playing and A was bothering him by being on his back when he wanted a piggy back on J's back. Instead of using his words to tell her this, he pushed her-like many siblings do-and she didn't catch herself. Instead she fell into a shelf and clocked her forehead. She cried and cried. J did a great job of being calm (as usual) for her. After a few minutes, we were able to put a band-aid on it, washed her up, and she and J headed to the hospital.

After they left, C decided that we should probably make a card for A. I asked him what should be on the card and he said, "We should put a heart on it with glitter. Then we should write, 'Bless Anna. Make sure she feels better soon.'" So, that's what we did. It was very sweet.

J said that A did a great job with everything. She was more teary-eyed with the thought of going to the doctor and getting things done to her than she was when she was there. My brave little girl!! She got home and was all smiles-quickly forgiving her brother. That's one of the good things about this age. They are quick to forgive!

But now we're even...and I hope we keep it this way with the score 1-1!

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