Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First "Official" Day at School

Contrary to what you may believe, school didn't really start on Tuesday. started today! I suppose that is only if you are me! Remember that sickness I wrote about 2 weeks ago? Well it returned. With horrible timing. I woke up early in the morning on Tuesday thinking I didn't quite feel right. I still didn't-even after finally getting up and having a shower. Still felt yucky. So I ended up finding a sub for the day and went in for the beginning of the day. I had a few kiddos with some tears who later calmed themselves as we got started with the day. You should have seen these eager little faces, all ready for the day. Then I broke it to them...I would have to leave early and they were going to have a substitute for the rest of the day. Picture the happiest faces ever, falling to this look of, "Really? You're really going to leave us on the first day of school?!" It was so heartbreaking to see them looking at me with those puppydog eyes. And those teary-eyed little ones in the morning? Yup...more tears as I told them. Oh! I felt so horrible.

If you know a teacher, you know that most of us don't like to miss school. Really, it's more work to be gone than it is to be there. So then you would know that I really wasn't feeling well that day to have missed the first day of school. Turns out I was really sick. They did different tests and x-rays, and the doctor still didn't really know what was wrong with me. They are treating it as though it is pneumonia, even though the chest x-ray came back negative. But, with a shot and some antibiotics, the combo is doing the trick!

I am feeling much better and loved being at school with my class today. Only one more day left for the week!

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