Wednesday, June 8, 2011

These last days

These last days are here. By this I mean these last days with the Mammas (not Mamas) are here. What's that saying people tell you when you have kids? Oh yes, "The time goes by so fast! Before you know it, they will be all grown up and going to college. Be sure to take it all in!" Right, I thought, when the kids were born. Those first days I didn't think 5 years old would EVER get here. But, now we ARE here. Tomorrow is the last official Mamma Day. Mamma Sue had her day yesterday and Mamma Jo gets her last day tomorrow. CRAZY!! I don't think it has hit me yet. I mean really. Kindergarten is so far away...nope not anymore. Our kids have gone from this

to this.

It's hard to put into words what this week means. It's one of those milestones, you know? How do you say "Thank you" to Mammas who give of themselves so selflessly every week? My mom started out doing every Monday and Friday when the kids were really little, and now has done Thursdays. J's mom has done either a Tuesday or Wednesday. The time and love they gave our kids was really priceless. I know that's kind of cliche, but it's true. I'm not sure how J and I would have gotten to this point without them. They have helped to shape our kids to being who they are today during the time they've had with them. The meals prepared, the games played, the songs sung, the stroller rides given, the trips to the park had...all of these things helped to show love to our kids.
A & C love the days with the Mammas. Recently C was talking about Tuesdays and said something that went like this: "Mommy, I love Tuesdays. You know why? Because Mamma always brings us treats. And sometimes she brings us more than one treat." Yes, Mammas know the way to their grandchildrens' hearts! A followed that comment with, "Yeah, Mommy? Did you know that Mamma always brings us a treat like a cookie or something for when we watch Sesame Street? Is that ok? Sometimes it's a cookie and that's in the morning." I told her it was ok. Mammas are supposed to do things like that. Today we passed Burger King and C asked when they could go there again with Mamma Sue. They went there quite a bit in the winter to play. I'm sure it will be a memory they always have with her!
This year the highlight with Mamma Jo was all about American Idol. A so looked forward to watching it with my mom on Wednesday night sleepover nights. It was always the first thing she said when they got there. They loved the simple things at her house: new markers to color with (for hours!), new puzzles, games, toys that I used to play with (!), watching "Little Bear," doing sidewalk chalk, snuggling in their beds. They were also able to take a cooking class in the winter and tried new things! Going to the library was part of some of the days with Mamma Jo too.
It's hard to remember the beginning. I'm glad I have pictures, but lately I have heard my mom and Sue saying things like, "I was so worried that first day!" or "How did we do it with two?" or "I remember thinking 'what happens if they both cry at the same time?'" I love hearing these things because it reminds me that we weren't in it alone. And the best part about it all is that I know we're STILL not in it alone. We'll always have family to support us and help us along the way. For this we are grateful and feel so blessed.

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  1. Nice tribute to your Mammas - its nice to see the multi-generational impact on our takes a village. You know that. You do it every day with your students!