Sunday, June 12, 2011

After Papa goes skiing, I'm going to ski

This was one of the first things I heard today after I got up. Yes, C announced that he was going to go skiing today. Then A soon followed. Out of the blue! Just decided that today was the day. Of course it had to be the one weekend I didn't bring the camera or the video camera...We hadn't talked about it yet this cabin season-about them going skiing. We talked about it a bit last year and they said when they were 5 (which is coming up fast!) they would try it out. Or TODAY! Let me just say that this made my dad's day. He didn't say it did, but I just KNOW it did. Happy early Father's Day, Dad!
First they started out by trying on the skis about 10 time each, just to be sure they had the form down. Here A was trying to make sure that C knew how he was supposed to be once he got into the water. Because she's the expert on everything...
My uncle was here for the weekend and came to see the kids ski for the first time. Our kids call him Florida Jim because he lives in Florida. It was pretty neat to have him there. He and my dad have been skiing together since they were about 8 or 10 years old. So seeing our kids ski when he could remember, without any problem, the first day I skied brought everything full-circle.
Our kids just adore him-especially A. 

Dad got in the water with C first to help him get the hang of what it would feel like.
Then it was A's turn.

Each of the kids went 4 times and held on to the boom each time. That's an advantage they had over how we all learned to ski. The boom allows the kids to be right off the side of the boat, so you can talk to them while they're going. No face plants today, which probably means they'll do it again! In fact, C already asked if he could try again next weekend. I loved the fact that they used my skis. Yes, those are the same skis I used 29 years ago-good old Cyprus Gardens! 
Thanks, Dad, for helping our kids do this today. It was so fun to see you in the water with them. I can only imagine how you felt doing that for them. I know you were proud. So was I. Go Elk Lake Waterskiiers!

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