Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm making the decision

that summer is here. Shhh...don't say it too loud. Where we live weather can change some 70 degrees in less than 24 hours. But I think I'm safe when I say that summer weather is here to stay! Today was day one of being outside basically the whole day, doing summertime things. We started out at Bachman's, doing some planting in the kids community garden.
A chose to plant a tomato.
C planted a pepper. Can you see it already on there?
They both got to take a plant home with them-A chose a strawberry and I'm sure that was purely for the fact that it had a pink flower on it. Not to mention that she told the lady helping her that, "Strawberries are my very most favorite fruit to eat EVER!" C chose a tomato because he knows "Daddy likes tomatoes and so I think I'll pick a tomato. Daddy will be so surprised that we got a tomato plant for him!"
(It was a little sunny!)
These events spurred another conversation about having our own vegetable garden at our house. So even though we've never grown anything except tomatoes, we will growing the following vegetables: artichoke, broccoli, tomato and red pepper. We'll see what happens. Green beans were in the running for a bit too, until I realized that they need something to climb (I think). So we I decided against them. We also got some more flowers for our house because I can't help myself.

We got home and planted the flowers we got-I had lots of help from A & C! They took turns putting plants in around a tree and were really a lot of help, really! That was about it for the planting and then the real summer fun began: water play!
The pool and sprinkler came out and squeals of joy could be hear from 5 houses over, I'm sure. Our kids love running through the sprinkler or splinkler as they say. They also withstood the cold temperature of the pool water; much braver than I would have been!

We were outside all day playing, planting, swimming, running and visiting with Mamma Sue and Big Papa. Just a regular "summer" day!

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