Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo (and the park too!)

how about you, you, you? You can come too, too, too! We're going to the zoo! We went to the zoo on Monday with the kids. It was a last minute decision which is always fun because then I don't have any expectations. Me? With expectations? Nooo.
We had a great visit! There are lots of Dr. Seuss sculptures around the zoo right now and they even had a scavenger hunt to go on, too. That helped keep the kids occupied while we went in search of various animals to solve the rhymes seemed to have been written by Seuss himself!
One great thing about this visit was this bear. He was swimming back and forth in the water, delighting our kids and others.

The leopard was doing the same sort of thing that day!
We made it to the farm to see the goats. It's fun to watch the kids every time we go because each time they are a little braver than the time before. They're still not completely sure they like the goats licking their fingers or coming at their shirts, but they certainly don't cry or scream like they used to!
We ended our time at the zoo visiting the fish. Both A and C love the dolphins. They wished we could go up top to watch them do tricks, but we couldn't, so they were content watching them do circles under the water. C said he wanted to be a dolphin so he could do somersaults just like they did. I told him maybe he could learn just like they do some day.
We ended our day at the park. Our kids love the park. C mastered the art of the monkey bars this year during preschool which was held at an elementary school. Not only did he master the monkey bars, but he also mastered the art of SKIPPING a bar. He's a quick learner, that one. He hadn't been back to school, which is walking distance from our house, in about a week and a half, so he was missing his daily monkey bar routine.
A also showed off her skills of hanging upside down by her knees.
The glider is a source of excitement when we go because you know, "You can only do the glider with an adult after school." J and I decided that someone must have gotten hurt so they can't use it during the school day.
We had a great summer day. And we're only one week in! I can't wait for the rest of summer...but I also CAN wait if you know what I mean!

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