Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Latest Nuggets

If you're a mom or a dad or a anyone, you'll understand where I'm coming from. As a mom I try to capture all of the little moments-the sayings, the questions, the actions, the snuggles-just so I have that memory. Those little "nuggets" that you look back on days, weeks or years later and think, "Gosh, I do remember that!" or "I'm glad I wrote that down because I completely forgot about that." I have a few of those nuggets today...

A: Mommy, do you know what those yellow parts are on our world?
Me: No, honey, I'm not sure what you're talking about.
A: You know, those yellow parts on the Earth when you look at it? You know?
Me: Oh, I think I know-like when you look at a picture from space?
(She's been doing a lot of looking at a space book C got recently)
A: Yes. Do you know what those are?
Me: No, what are they?
A: They're dandelions. Because it's all yellow, you know. You know?
Me: Oh...right. Dandelions.

C: Mommy! Did you see me go across the monkey bars?
Me: I did, Buddy. Great job!
C: But look at my hands Mommy. I got blizzards.
-shows me his hands-
Me: Oh, yup. I see them on your hands (in reference to his blisters he got on his hands).

I love those little nuggets that I can remember. Truth be told, I had another one to write but I forgot it from this afternoon already! There are just too many to remember.

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