Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Fever

Yesterday we had a field trip to one of my favorite places: The Arboretum. I love it there! And, funny enough, I only end up going once a year-on this field trip! Look at some of the things we saw while we were there!
 The roof of a house made from sticks-last year's display.

 Flower from a banana tree! We've never seen this in bloom before. Pretty neat!
I think this year might be the year to try it out with the fam. There are so many different gardens to visit and explore. This time of year, with the warm cool spring we've had, there were still many tulips in bloom. They were just starting to change things over to their summer plants. The color that was there was amazing, but with so many things still coming up and not blooming, I can only imagine what it is like during the summer months!

There is also a theme or some sort of display they have going. This year it is about sculptures of tree roots called Steelroots. These sculptures are amazing and really capture what grows under ground on a much larger scale. Another reason to go back to visit!

Thanks to my teammates for making the trip fun as usual. Love you guys!

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