Thursday, May 19, 2011

a bird is living here

This is what I found this morning when I went to work.
Yes, those are eggs. In a nest. In this:
one of our hanging baskets! My mom and dad got these baskets for me for Mother's Day and no more than two days later, we discovered that there was a nest in the basket! I was looking out the window last Tuesday when C was eating breakfast. He said something about there being a bird pecking the wire outside. I looked up to see that bird (the Mama) and another bird (the Daddy), who was bringing grass into the basket. Well I figured they were just starting to build their nest, but I was wrong.

When we went outside on our way to school, I checked the flowers and there was already a nest and an egg in it! Too late! So, I left it alone and we have checked it every few days to see if anything has happened. The next day there were 2 eggs and today when I checked-5!! We're going to have a very noisy flower basket on our hands very soon.

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