Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your own rooms!

Dear A & C,
        Tonight you are sleeping in your own bedrooms. It is the first night you will have slept in separate rooms when you've been in the same house. Are you really that old already?
        I remember bringing you home from the hospital and having you sleep right next to me in the room. Although it was a good set-up, I couldn't do it for long (only 2 weeks) because I woke up to your every sound. So, then it was into the nursery to sleep in the same crib. That lasted until you both became too long for the crib to be able to sleep the short way, side-by-side, so then it was into your own cribs in the same room. That lasted until the February before you turned 3. Since then you've been in toddler beds which worked out well. That is until I would come in to check on you and C's feet would be sticking out through the slats at the end of the bed. Time for something new!
So tonight you are in your own big kid beds. A, you are sleeping in the bed I slept in for lots of years.You have all of my old furniture.
I look around your bedroom and think I could sleep there too because it's so familiar. C, you're sleeping just on your mattresses.
Your "bed" hasn't come in yet, but we're making this work.
You loved sleeping in them for a nap this afternoon (yes, you both took a nap!), and snuggled right in tonight.
       I thought for sure you would put up a bit of a fuss tonight when we tucked you in, but you were both so tired and excited to sleep in your own beds that you didn't mind. A already said, "C, when you wake up in the morning if it's light outside and the clock says 7, you come into my room and let me know. Then I'll wake up too." Each of you have already called it A's bedroom or C's bedroom, which I found so cute. It definitely didn't take you long at all to figure that out. 
       I love that you are this grown up that you already have your own rooms. It's just another sign that you are growing up and getting to be big kids! We love you, Mommy & Daddy


  1. Wow ... the time has gone so fast, I think it is really cute that Anna has your childhood furniture .... so cute!

  2. that comment is from gma Deb ...

  3. WOW! Big transition at your house! Let us know when we can come see!