Thursday, November 18, 2010


If you have a little girl, you probably know they can be sassy. Even at 4 years old, we have a sassy one on our hands. What's a mom to do? Good question. Any helpful hints would be much appreciated.
You see, A has become a little bit outspoken a bit. She's always said what she thinks, but she seems to be doing so with a bit more sass than before. She's been saying things like, "You're mean," and "Ugh" with a certain look on her face. Our hope is that she isn't treating other people like this, especially at school, but it might not be the case-you never know.
As parents you hope that you are doing everything you can in order to raise your children to be good kids. You hope you do everything you can to help your children be polite, kind, empathetic...the list goes on. I just keep telling myself this is a phase, right? This too shall pass? She really doesn't mean that I'm being mean to her, does she? She really does want to give me a hug, right? I'm sure she does, and that tomorrow it will be a bit different. I know she loves us. I know she wants to do the right thing. I know she loves everyone around her. It just seems to be all about her lately. Oh the joys of a self-centered 4-year-old.

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