Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm thankful for a lot!

We were getting ready for bed and C was waiting his turn for a bath. I went into the playroom to see what he was doing. At first I thought he was just writing words. He had his name written and had started writing his next word: dinosaur. Being the teacher I am, I'm always trying to get the kids to think about the sounds they know when they're trying to figure out how to spell a word. So I helped him with dinosaur and then he starts to write the words "tede bar." (teddy bear) Then he wanted to write tree. H got the t-r-e and I helped with the last e. Finally I asked hime what he was writing.
He said, "I'm writing the things I'm thankful for." Just like that-all on his own.
Can you see what the rest says? If not, here they are:
tede bar (teddy bear)
That was the original order and then he went back to the top and stopped. I asked him who else he was thankful for and he said, "Murray." Murray is Uncle Dan and Aunt Denise's dog whom C & A love to play with. So instead of writing Murray he wrote dog. Too cute!
So the last 2 words at the top are:
I love having something like this from him. It's so sweet and true. They are the things he's thankful for and he did it all on his own. At 4 years old. Pretty neat, don't you think? I guess you could say I'm one proud Mommy!

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