Monday, August 2, 2010

Riding the Trolley

Call me antsy, but I guess I can't just sit around on these lovely summer nights and do nothing. So tonight after dinner we went down to Lake Harriet to ride the trolley. It was great! It was something I thought the kids would really liked-something we walk by every time we're at Lake Harriet. So, tonight we rode it!

We had to wait behind the "safety line" until the trolley came back from the ride it was on. Then we got on, put our token in, and found our seat.
The people who work the trolley are all decked out in the full uniform on the trolley and where we waited for it to come. I thought it was neat-the kids didn't really notice, though.
The kids loved looking out the open windows to see what was coming up next. We rode the trolley to Lake Calhoon, where it stopped (it's as far as they could put the tracks) and went backwards to the stop again.

It was a short-lived trip, but the kids loved it anyway!

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