Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's a Door There, Honey

If you know A, you might know she is not the most coordinated girl around. Sure she does gymnastics, has done ballet and will start soccer tomorrow, but when it comes to walking around and doing every day things, sometimes she has a hard time.

We were at the cabin last weekend; the kids were in the porch taking off their life jackets while we were still coming up the dock. All of a sudden I hear crying and C saying, "I didn't do anything to her!" Funny that this would be his first response, but that was about the way it went. I then sped up to see what had happened, only to find her saying through her tears, "I ran into the door! I didn't know it was shut!" Sure enough, there was A's face print on the sliding glass door. Poor thing.

The there was this week-at the cabin again-getting ready for bed. A is brushing her teeth and again, one second she's standing right there, pretty soon she's not-and this time she fell backwards into the shower! Sometimes she is just standing and then she's on the floor. We find it funny, even though it's not always polite to laugh at your kids. It's those little laughable moments we remember that make us smile!

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