Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fairs, Fairs and More Fairs to Come!

It is summer. It is August. August means many things: the last official month of summer; the warmest month of the summer (sometimes); many days spent at the cabin...but best of all, it means fair season. You know, fair like as in County Fairs and the State Fair. What's that? You don't go to the fair? Well, I did and have very vivid memories of going to the fair with my parents. If we didn't go, it was definitely an "off" year. I remember going to see all of the animal barns, watching the 4-H shows, eating malts, pronto pups and cheese curds-and yes, we do all of these things with our family too!

This year we went to the Dakota County Fair first. We met up with our friends-A & C were very excited to see Lillian! It never fails that we pick the HOTTEST day of the year to attend a fair/festival/parade/zoo-you pick it, we do it when it is H-O-T. This day was no different, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much. We started in the children's barn where the kids saw many baby animals. We found some tractors, too. Then it was off to find some food. Malts first, per my request! Then on to pronto pups. We found our way to the rides, which was a treat for our kids. We haven't done many rides before, and they don't remember going last year. The kids rode on the carousel,cars and motorcycles. They went down the slide-C got a slide burn, but was a trooper! And the last ride we went on was the ferris wheel. They had never been on one before and loved it! A & C thought it was pretty neat that they were so high in the air. Then it was on to the animals. The last thing they did was tye-dye...they got to make their own shirts! One side note to Coldstone Creamery: if you would like to know if children are dipping their little paws into your candy jars of mix-ins for your ice cream, I suggest you move your sign so you can see these little rascals and their paws. Thank you. Yes, that would have been C-as A was making her t-shirt, he was opening the containers to get some candy. He never actually got any, but we ended up getting the kids their first gumballs. Yes, they both swallowed them after about 3 minutes. Oh well! It probably won't be the last, either!
Then it was on to the Mille Lacs County Fair the following day. This is a much smaller fair, but nothing to scoff at, that's for sure! The kids found a clown who was tying balloons-A got a bouquet of flowers and C got a Spiderman. We found the dirt race track. The kids participated in a "Little Farm Hands" area and gathered and planted various things. There were animals to see...We ate (again) and got stuck in a storm while listening to polka. There could be worse things! Mamma Jo and Papa Kevin took us to this one, so of course the kids had a great time.
You might think we're done with fairs for the year, but guess again! We're not! Just waiting another week or so until the State Fair is upon us! Look for a post about that to come soon. I know you're all waiting on pins and needles...

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