Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movie Quotes

If you are married or have any guy friends, you will understand what I'm saying in this post. Let's put it simply: Guys remember many trivial things. By this I mean things that don't really matter in the scheme of things. I mean sure, J remembers a lot more than me in many areas and never forgets a birthday or anniversary. But when it comes to sports or entertainment, guys have this knowledge and memory I don't understand. Where do they put all of the useless information like who won the football game in the third week of the season in 2006? Or who has won the World Series for the last 10 years (J just went through all of those teams for me last week!)? Then there are the movie lines. It doesn't matter when the movie was made, when they saw it or if they've even seen it! It could have been a friend that has seen it...And so it begins with C.

Now granted, C has seen some Disney movies, some Nick Jr. shows and PBS. I know...maybe he's a bit sheltered in his viewing options, but we've kept him to these options for now. This doesn't matter when it comes to what he's quoting though! The "guy thing" is coming through already at age 4. We just watched "The Princess and the Frog" this weekend and the next day we hear C say, "When a woman says later, she really means never." Seriously?! Of course he doesn't really know what that line means, but the fact he's remembering specific lines like that is just crazy to me.. It isn't just with movies like "Cars" or "Toy Story" that he has watched more than others, but it could be a "Wonder Pets" show he was 2 weeks ago where he is spouting out lines left and right. We've even had to go as far as banning lines from movies and shows during mealtime because that's what our conversations ended up being all about!

I know this is just the beginning, and it's something embedded in being a male, but I thought I had a few years before this all started! Guess that was wishful thinking. To the friends he meets in the coming (20) years...just be prepared for movie quotes a plenty!

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