Monday, January 30, 2012

Words from long ago

It sounds like I'm going to be writing about a time from years ago or lifetimes ago. To me it feels like a lifetime ago. Today I found some cards as I cleaned out a drawer (that hadn't been cleaned in forever!). The words in these cards come from friends who cared enough to write them down. Words like these are important when you need them the most. Like when you're going through something a bit difficult. Not compared to what some people go through, but difficult to us. In case you're wondering, turns out, we were completely blessed after this difficult time. Beyond belief...blessed. Thankful to God for that. And thankful for these friends:

Thank you for being you. I am so proud of you-the way you handle all of the challenges in your life. You take time to cry and be sad, and you continue to make time to laugh and dream. Life doesn't always seem fair, but it is not a punishment.

"Life's patterns can be hard to see." Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you often and always and wishing you only the best.

"Always remember, God is watching over you." Try to keep smiling. I'm sure some days will be tough! Whatever the outcome remember we love you and are here whenever you need us!


  1. It sounds like your finding those words just gave you a warm hug from the past. Your friends were (are) so thoughtful. Nice to hear the words for today, here and now, too.

  2. I often tuck cards away and reread them later on.They are a warm hug from the past. These sound like incredible friends.