Friday, January 27, 2012

A little time with family

A little time with family is good. It's especially good if your J's family. That's because the years are few and far between when we get to spend a holiday together. This year we spent the weekend after New Years together in Kansas City which ends up being about half-way for many of us. The cousins loved being together!
We spent a lot of time at the hotel but a little time, too, shopping and eating-two things you have to do while you're out of town!
The kids sure love their Uncle Nick. He has the longest drive of any of us...from Austin, Texas! We're oh-so-glad he could make it!
The highlight of the trip for the kids was the pool. I think at one point A & C put in a good 2 hour shift in the pool. Good thing there was a good heater! At one point the pool was warmer than the hot tub!
J, being the wonderful daddy he is, spent a ton of time in the pool with everyone. He definitely had fun with the kids! Tired fun.
 Mamma Sue even got in the middle of things.
We had a great time with everyone! But one thing is for year we are not all sitting together (all 15 of us) in a hotel room only for everyone to get home and for about half of us to end up sick! From pneumonia to the stomach flu, fevers to colds-we covered it all. Nope. Next time we do this it won't be in January and we'll make sure we have some outside space to move and breathe! No matter what the case, though, we did have a fun weekend. It's like that when you're with family!

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