Monday, January 9, 2012

Road Trip

Road trips are fun. And funny. Very funny when you have two 5 year olds in the backseat, interacting in conversation with each other. Of course there are moments. There are also movies where I don't hear from them at all. But the funny times...oh those are really funny. I'm not sure if it's because we're in the car without escape; because we're delusional and tired; I suspect it is a combination of both.

This road trip took us to Kansas City for the weekend. It's a pretty quick turnaround and a very short time of actually being there, since it takes about 6 1/2 hours to get there. Bottom line: 13ish hours in the car over the course of 60 hours is a lot of time in close quarters. Let me share with you some funny things that happened on this trip:

Saturday Night Live
Are you familiar with these people? If you watch SNL and stay up for (at least) Weekend Update, chances are you've seen them. Better yet, heard them. Our children can be Garth and Kat. Really. One of them starts singing and they look at each other, trying to figure out what the other is singing, and joins in. It's hilarious! To J and I at least. And to any of you who know what I'm talking about. It's happened more times than just this weekend, but in the car it's even better because they have no where to go and stay engaged with each other!

The Landscape
Upon entering Iowa on the way home, C looks out the window as we cross the boarder and says, "Mommy, Iowa sure looks a lot like Africa." "Really buddy? How do you know what Africa looks like?" "Well, I dunno. It just looks like it." A: "You're right! It actually does!" My guess is the reason they thought this is because it was brown and wide open, like they've seen in pictures and on movies. Funny! Guess we don't have to go to Africa if we've been through Iowa in the winter (without snow!).

The Movies
This isn't my favorite part of the trip. I'd like to think we would be able to travel like we did as kids: books, hand-held games, Invisible Ink books (MY favorite!), 20 questions, the license plate game, the alphabet game, etc. But, we're in that whole "technology age," so here our kids enjoyed 2 movies on the way down and 2 movies coming back. The funny part about them watching movies is seeing their faces. Most times they have the same expressions at the same times. Maybe that's funny to me only because they're twins. But it is funny to me. I also love when they giggle at the same time or are scared at the same time.

Road trips are pretty fun with my family. I'm glad we have 2 kids that travel well. They look forward to stopping for gas to see what treat might lie ahead. They know we (usually) stop at McDonalds, which is a treat for them because we NEVER eat that at home. They entertain each other...and the same time! Let's see...where can we go next?


  1. Reading your slice reminded me of long ago road trips with our three - lots of great memories (and some catastrophes, too, but that's to be expected)! I loved the way you were clued into their backseat world.

  2. Cute snippets from your trip. Brings back memories. :)

  3. As we drove home from California, I had some of you same thoughts about what it was like with out all the "toys" we use today. Fortunately I only had to entertain myself. Iowa, Africa? Too funny!

  4. Cool way to section off the road trip with the different subheadings. It is a long time in a can get so quirky. I'm glad you captured it. :)

  5. They are funny little moments that are great to have written about before the future catches you & you forget. It's nice that you have such fun-makes good memories just as you have. I loved road trips as a kid & with my children, & now we've taken several with our grandson. You made me find some new memories too. Thanks!