Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy. You don't know who she is? Why she lives right in this house! Perhaps you've seen her before?
This Fancy Nancy had a great time at her Fancy Nancy Camp at Stages Theater this week. Our little honey was at camp every afternoon this week, learning how to be fancy. She also learned about using her mind, body and imagination while she's acting. They taught her about "actor center" (standing with your feet together and arms by your side), but they used words like diamond, ring, sparkle-fancy words like that because "actor center" is too boring
Thursday night she had a performance at the theater where they got to go on stage. She was so ecstatic (one of her new words from the week), she started talking about it on Tuesday: "Ok, Mommy, we sleep tonight, right? And then it's tomorrow and then one more night of sleep, and then my show! On stage! I can hardly wait!" Just a bit excited...
She did the camp with her good friend, Audrey. They loved doing the show together; showing off the things they learned and the emotions they could demonstrate (frustrated).
and they even did a version of Bonjour Butterfly, a Fancy Nancy book! They all were Fancy Nancy as well as the butterflies, flying around. It was adorable. A did a great job being on stage. We just might have an actor on our hands!
We came to support her and cheer her on...
Mamma came too...(thanks!)
I'll keep you posted on any more Fancy Nancy shows or any other acting news coming from our house in the future! Orevwa! That's French for goodbye!

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