Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Bike Rides

This summer our kids got "big kid bikes." They had smaller bikes-just 12 inch bikes-from last year, but they had clearly outgrown them even while they were riding them during the spring. So here we are, already in August, and they are just starting to ride their new bikes.
It was a hard call-do we get the 16 inch bikes, knowing we'll probably need to get a new bike again in a year or two-or do we get the 20 inch bikes, knowing they just fit into them. We went the 20 inch route, but that isn't sitting too well with C. He's a little more apprehensive about getting on his "two-wheel" bike than A ever has been. A chooses to ride her bike all the time over riding her scooter, but not C. He'll come around.
A's newest thing is going on family bike rides. She always asks if we can go on a family bike ride after dinner. She knows it's not too hot and that we usually say yes. So, off we all go on our bikes-the little ones for them-down the road. We just go around the block, but that seems like plenty at this point. Usually J leads the way, then the 2 kids, then me at the end of the train. It's hard for the kids still because they want to look behind them to see where everyone is. That's the point at which they veer off to one side or the other. It's something we're still working on.
Family bike rides are starting out small, but I certainly hope they get longer as the kids get older. I like to think  that it is the beginning of something we will be doing as a family for a long time to come!

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