Monday, June 14, 2010

Visiting Mommy's School

School is done! Hooray!
Yes, today was my first day of summer...well, sort of. Tomorrow is really my first day of summer, but today was the first day without my kids. The end of the school year is always bittersweet. That's because I'm always sad to say goodbye to my kids (especially if it's a group like I had this year!), but I'm excited to have the summer ahead of us. It is very fun because the kids are just at that age where they "get it." They were counting down the days just like we were. When we woke up on Saturday, C said, "Mommy! It's summer! No more school!" It is so much fun to be home with them. We are so lucky because J is home, too. Yes...I do know how lucky we are! People ask that a lot, and especially now with the kids, we really love having the time together as a family.
With the end of school comes my kids' annual visit to my school. They came in last Thursday to see my class, which my school kids loved! They asked A & C lots of questions. A & C both answered them very readily-favorite colors, animals, things to do, toys, things to play, etc. It was very fun to hear the questions and answers from both ends. We had indoor recess that day because it was raining. Again!!! On a side note: Did you know it has rained the last 12 of 14 days here?! Crazy! Anyway...lucky for our kids, they got to play in the classroom during recess. Everyone loved it! Pretty soon it won't just be visits that the kids will be making to my class...they'll be in the school, too (but not in my class)! Hopefully that will be the case!

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  1. Kim, have I mentioned I love your blog? Well, I do. You are such a great writer. I didn't know you brought Charlie and Anna to your classroom every year, how cute I bet they love it. Looking forward to going out with you guys on Friday night.