Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tubing behind Papa's fast boat...

...not behind the pontoon boat. That was sooo last year.
So, A went tubing for the first time behind "Papa's fast boat" this weekend. She loved it! The order of events went something like this:
Let's try behind the pontoon boat first. Check. Hmmm...this doesn't work so well because Mommy is with and dragging the pontoon boat behind. Ok-now let's try just A behind the pontoon boat. Well, this works, but it's not fast enough for A. Next, break time for a bit and then behind Papa's Fast Boat. Ok, this is better.That's about the sequence of events. A LOVED going behind the speed boat. Her little head bounced up and down and up again. For every wave that I was worried about hitting, her smile grew even bigger! It was so much fun watching her. Later on in the day we took her again. This time J rode with while I drove. She didn't last quite as long because there were many more boats on the lake and it was much wavier. She tapped her head like Papa taught her, we slowed down, and she said her arms hurt. I can imagine! She did great and just loved it. I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll be tubing multiple times in a day at the lake!Oh, and if you were wondering about C, well, he was a great cheerer for A. We asked him many times if he wanted to try it out and every time he said, "No, I'm good." He loved watching his "big" sister (by one minute!) tube.

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