Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just visited my friend, Shelly, who just had a baby girl at the beginning of May. Her daughter is adorable and lovable, as any baby would be. There is a special kind of love a mom has for her kids. The baby love is the newest love, being that we are just getting to know our little ones. Then the love grows into different kinds of love-love for their voices, love for their new tricks, love for the laughs they bring us.

A mom never thinks twice about the kind of love they give their child. I never have. I don't think any of my friends ever have either. A mother (and a father, because this could be about dads, too) loves their child unconditionally, no matter the circumstances. This was very evident today as I visited Shelly. She has a strength about her, even though she is a "new mom" for the second time. She and her family have faced some unforeseen challenges with their baby girl, but always seem to be on the positive side of things. They have a love for her, just like any new parent would have.

I think about love in a few different ways, but today I thought about how lucky we are to love and be loved. No matter what the circumstances are...What a wonderful thing love is. Don't you think?

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