Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My mom just had surgery yesterday-her second knee replacement. She had her first one done last year, and did really well coming out of it. We are hoping for the same kind of thing this time around. We went to visit her yesterday in the hospital, and it was a telling sign that we really have 3 year olds on our hands.

The kids went to the hospital with us last year, but I'm pretty sure they don't remember. Last night they tried (very hard) to run down the hallways, play Cars in the hospital room, and talk as loudly as they could. That would be what I mean by really having 3 year olds. Oh well, I guess. They were quite curious about Mamma Jo's tubes, beeps and wires. They didn't so much care for the tubes in her nose with the oxygen. They tried to push buttons on the end of the bed (which wouldn't have been good-raising the bed up and down). What else...

All in all, the visit went ok, but about 15 minutes was all we could handle! When we got home they asked to read the Franklin (the turtle) book about the hospital. We looked closely at the pictures and talked about everything Franklin had, just like Mamma had. We said our prayers, and prayed extra prayers for fast healing for Mamma. So, Mom, we hope you're feeling better soon. We know it hurts, but we know you're tough and strong! We love you!

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