Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You know you're a teacher when...

...you use glue to fix your shoes. Really! I did that today. Crazy. It was a piece of my shoe I was either going to rip off or fix with glue, because that's all I had. So, out came the Elmer's glue and I glued it back together. I had to do it again later in the day because it came undone, but now I think it's set.
My friend Stacy had another thing to add to the list:
You know you're a teacher when you use marker to fix your necklace. She had to use an orange marker to fix a spot on her necklace that was coming off. So, she colored over the part that was missing the orange color and all was right!
There are bound to be other things to add to this short list, but I just had to share, because I'm assuming it doesn't happen very often during other people's days!

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