Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung!

If you live where we live, you would know that the snow has melted! We were outside yesterday and it was 63 degrees! No wonder I was sitting outside in a tank top (getting a sunburn, little did I know)! I found these flowers that are starting to come up on the south side of our house, which made me happy!
A worm!!!
I got out my "keep away bunnies!" spray to protect the flowers. Last spring they never came up enough to produce a flower because the bunnies ate them down too quickly! We'll see if I've stopped them early enough this spring.

The kids were out loving the warm weather and loving the fact that they didn't need to have hats, gloves and snowpants while playing outside. C found a tractor in the toy box outside that he hadn't seen all winter. A found the sidewalk chalk and tried to play in the little snow that was left.
One new thing that happened yesterday is that C learned how to pump! I hope you enjoy this new video of him pumping on his swing. He is very proud of himself and can tell that we're proud of him, too!

It was a really fun day outside. I always forget how much I love being outside, and that love increases as the kids get older! Time definitely flies as we play outside in the morning or the afternoon. I can't wait for summer!

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