Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's the holiday season...

Oh the wonder of a Christmas tree. This year we had the joy of letting A & C decorate the tree with us. It was the fastest the tree has ever been decorated! Of course we had the lights on it already, so it was just the adding of the decorations that was done. I had heard it many times before...the part about how all of the ornaments end up in the same spot. Why is it that kids want to hang the ornaments one on top of another? We had a great time though.

The kids had their day in "The Big Church" last weekend. They sang 2 songs with all of the kids attending Sunday School that day. They sang Away in a Manger and another song I didn't know. They loved it! We were definitely proud parents watching them sing. Look for video coming soon of this perfomance!

Another Christmas time happening was the kids' program at school. Their preschool class sang a song about the day Jesus was born-with Baa-baas, Moo-moos, and Hee-haws all around. They also recited a poem about the 3 wise men-crowns and all! Here they are with their teacher, who is just wonderful!
We've had a wonderful Christmas season so far. I hope yours has been the same!

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