Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holidazzle and the 8th floor

We took the kids to their first Holidazzle parade on Sunday. They had a great time! It was a really nice night and wasn't too cold. They were bundled head to toe in their winter gear. A & C were most excited to see their friend Connor. He and his mom and dad met us there too! It was pretty cute because when I told C that Connor was coming, he said, "Oh good! Mom, he's my best friend!" It is fun to hear them say those kinds of things as they get older.
The Holidazzle isn't my favorite thing to go to. Don't get me wrong-there's nothing wrong with it-it's just not that exciting. It's definitely for the kids!!

Then, just today we took the kids downtown to see "A Day in the Life of an Elf." This is Macy's 8th floor auditorium presentation. We didn't see it last year, so it was new for us. The kids liked it a lot and of course, got the traditional gingerbread cookie afterwards (at least that's our tradition and what I always did as a little girl). My only question is, what happened to the plain gingerbread cookies? My only choice today was one with lots of frosting that was $3! Now, is that really necessary?! Not really, but tradition is tradition, right? Then it was off to the 12th floor to eat! We took the kids back on the escalators the whole was down to the first floor after we ate. When you ask them what their favorite part was, they're bound to say, the "exalators." They loved it and so did we! Thanks for taking us, Daddy!


  1. Great job Kim! You are very good at this blog thing. Can I hire you to write for mine? Love the super paci story. Tell C that Tyler is enjoying his new paci from the super paci:)

  2. who is that skinny guys with you Kim? Good work dad.