Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Words from J

I love coming across old emails. Often times they are the ones I keep because there's something about them. I came across one of them today. 

J wrote these words on a Friday before he was going away for an annual boys' weekend. They're never my favorite weekends because he's gone. I'm completely spoiled like that because he doesn't travel for work. I always wonder how different life would be if he had a different job. It would be part of our life-his leaving on business trips and such. But for now, that's not how it is, so our family isn't used to having him gone. Clearly he felt the love before he left...

It is very humbling and heartwarming to have your son hug you like that when you're going to leave, not to mention so many hugs and kisses from your wife ;)

The abundant love you 3 give me on a constant basis makes me incredibly happy.

Just wanted to tell you that you all mean the world to me, and I feel so very blessed & lucky.

I am also blessed and lucky. Every. Single. Day. Because of him!

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