Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas, part 3

Ooof! There's a lot of writing that comes along with a holiday like Christmas. So here we are, part 3 (or 4 if you count the Santa one). The last one. Our Christmas ended with J's family for some dinner and family time. It was great to see people we see only a few times a year. We got to see new baby Aaron (more on him later!), which was a great surprise!
Thanks, Dan and Denise for making a surprise visit! It make Christmas complete!
The final part of Christmas was back at my mom and dad's the next day celebrating with more family! We are so blessed and lucky to have so much family so close!! It was another day filled with food and presents and lots of fun!

The first fun thing were these...
Socks! Great idea-everyone got a pair of socks since every one's shoes were going to be off. So yes, that is a picture of our feet. Stinky feet, as C would say! We had lots of smiles,
rock and roll poses,
and musical entertainment. Thanks, Dad! If you didn't read about it here, you really should. I love that we were able to hear some music, even if it wasn't an entire song. The kids loved it too!
The kids got Cars (C) and Barbie things (A), however you may think differently after seeing this.
However, let's just say that the playing piece is a bit different when C plays with it verses A. Things aren't quite as neat as they were to begin with!

We had a great Christmas weekend filled with so much family, so many blessings, and time to reflect on what the season is all about...Him!

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