Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fevers. Ugh.

That's about how I feel right now. I mean really...fevers for a week? Why??? I know. There are worse things. We are thankful the kids have been so healthy this winter up until now. There are many things that definitely put this into perspective. But whenever you usually have healthy kids and they are sick, you obviously want them to be better.

So yes, we've had fevers around this house. C started it and then (of course) it travelled to A. C has been to the doctor twice in the last week. Today they checked him for just about everything: strep, influenza and his white blood count. From what J said he was a trooper. The other thing that has gone along with this is a lack of appetite. And everyone knows that if you don't eat, there's no energy. So as a parent, all you want is for your kids to eat. Not to be so.

Everyone is getting a bit better, slowly but surely. A went to school today and was happy to go. C was home, but improving a little. Let's just hope this is the end. Because fevers, we do not like you and we wish you would go!

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