Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Last Day at the Cabin

We were lucky enough to go to the cabin today! What a beautiful day to be up there. The sun was out and all of (or most of) the leaves were off the trees. It was a great fall day. We did a lot of raking, which will hopefully help out my dad. The kids loved that, as jumping in leaves has become one of their new favorite things to do. Although it's not the greatest of help, nothing beats the look on their face when they start back by a tree and say, "On your mark. Get set. Go!" A does more of a skid when she enters the pile, while C goes full force jumping into the pile. We've had many fun days of jumping in leaves this fall, and today was definitely a bonus one at the cabin.
We love playing with Daddy! Look at this tall stick I found!
Look how high it goes!
And although the Gophers were playing today, we had to wear our Duck shirts in honor of Gayle and Jeff. Thanks for the shirts! Go Ducks! Or as Charlie said, "Go Donald Duck!"

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