Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered how some blogs become what they are? I don't ever think that this blog will become anything more than just our family blog, but what if it does? There are some blogs I read that are incredible. There is so much more to them than just writing and pictures. There is advice, there are recipes, there are comments from more than one person. I wonder, "How did it get to be like that?" Not that that's what I'm going for...
Then I wonder where they get the time to blog all the time. I think about the time that I have to blog and it's usually Sunday nights, like today, when I should be in bed, but here I sit, writing away. I would love to be able to post every day or every other day. Do I have enough to write about? Maybe, but maybe not. I think that there are people who write because they want to remember every single thing there is to remember about their kids or their day. I'm not sure that's what my blog will be. I think it will take some time to morph into whatever it will be.
All of this thinking comes from my digital literacy class, the one that got me to get into my family blogging, and some reflection Candance asked us to do. She asked us what our purpose would be for our digital writing project. At that point I thought it would be to collect family memories so I can remember and our kids can remember various things that happened in their lives. As I think about it further, I wonder if the blog will lend itself to more than that. I suppose that's all up to me, though, isn't it?! We will see...

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