Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Camp Week

This week the kids are off to YMCA day camp. They're exhausted and loving every minute of this week. 
They're separated into different groups because A is doing Horse Camp with her friend Lydia. So C is doing "regular" Day Camp with his friend Henry. 
A is absolutely in love with her horse, Spud. In fact, last night she couldn't fall asleep because she kept thinking about her horse! They ride for one hour every day and do regular camp things in-between. There was a mix-up with groups at the beginning of the week, so she and Lydia ended up in a group with older kids. I think it's been ok for the girls. As a result they got to try kayaking and zip-lining yesterday! Wow!

C was really excited about archery yesterday. He got to tie-dye a pillow case today and tomorrow he gets to go canoeing! He LOVES his Fort Time and described it to J and I today as "high as the ceiling and as wide as 2 bus seats." It's great! And we got to see a picture of him in his fort today!
Day Camp has been WONDERFUL for our kids. They have made new friends and tried so many new things each day. They are not afraid to go off for the whole day to play, sing, swim and get dirty (we've done laundry every night this week!). I love that they love it! And...J and I get a whole week of full days to ourselves! I'm not complaining...

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