Friday, April 26, 2013


I love watching the kids sleep. It's always been something I've loved to do. Especially when they were babies and they were actually sleeping (yes!).

Now that they're older, I look at them sleeping and see their baby faces. I see their cheeks. I see their noses. I see their lips.

The other thing I think is crazy about sleeping is how 2 kids can be so completely different. Take tonight for example.

A: tucked in tight; sheet, blanket and quilt snuggled right up under her chin; all of her friends tucked in just so next to her; even her friends are wrapped in their blankies; she's holding onto her favorite blankie, like it's a stuffed animal

C: sprawled; legs hanging off of the bed; hotter than hot; less "friends" because, "otherwise I'll be too hot, Mommy;" no covers; such a hot body

Now mind you today was the first day we hit the 70 degree mark. C still claimed, as he climbed into bed, that he was still so sweaty from playing outside. He already proclaimed that he wants the snow back. Clearly his body had to adjust.

I just find sleeping kids so cute, funny and interesting. Cute because they're my kids. Funny because of how they sleep. And interesting because they are 2 totally different kids when they sleep! Love them, little snuggle bugs!

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