Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Do I still get to go on the cruise?"

It's a parents' worst nightmare: your child getting sick before a trip, their birthday, or some other special occasion you've been looking forward to for a while. Maybe a few months; maybe a year. Yup. That nightmare became a reality for us the day before we left on our cruise.

I was awake, for some reason, around 1:30 AM, Saturday morning, the day before we were to leave for our Disney cruise vacation. Around 2:30 I hear a little voice-"Mommy, I got sick." What? This CAN NOT be happening to us. Seriously. Sure enough…2:30, the stomach flu had struck C and struck again 3 more times until 7:00 that morning.

I was on the phone with my mom at 7:30, in tears. That's why we bought insurance, she was trying to tell me. Don't worry. We'll figure it out. I tell you, I have never prayed so much in all my life for a healthy little boy. All through the night I prayed and sang myself to sleep. After I got off the phone with my mom, I did the same, and by about 8:00 a calming feeling came over my body and I know things would be ok. It's a bit hard to explain, I just knew things would work out.

Needless to say we watched him like a hawk all day, checking to see if he was going to be sick again, to make sure he was drinking a little bit, to make sure he was eating just a little. He went to bed that night at 6:30-asking to go to bed because he was so wiped out.

The next morning-5:20-his door opens wide, he jumps out of his room, and says, "I feel so much better! I'm ready to go on the cruise!" THANK THE LORD!! Yes, this little boy DID get to go on the cruise, and we are so lucky to have a happy ending to that story and a happy beginning to our trip!

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