Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to impress the ladies

The other day while we were at the cabin, J and C were playing catch with the football. This is how the conversation went:

C: Dad, do you know how to impress the ladies?
J: No, Buddy. How do you do that?
C: Well, first you have to get a motorcycle. Then you have to get a ramp that is 11 feet high. Then you have to be able to do back flips off of it. And that's how you impress the ladies.
J: Ok-I'll have to remember all of that.

The funny thing about this conversation is this...When my mom and dad went on their first date my dad came to the house to pick up my mom. On a motorcycle. My grandma made him turn around to go back home and get a car because there was no way she was letting my mom get on a motorcycle with him! I love that story.

Just remember men...a motorcycle and a ramp. That's all you need! If only it was that easy...

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