Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Small Town

Just when I think we live in the Big City, something changes and it feels like we live in a really small town.

The kids came home with a permission slip to go to cheer on the girls high school basketball team at the  state quarterfinals game. My first reaction was no. Why would our 6 year olds need to go on a bus to cheer on a team they haven't seen before (sorry...we went to the boys games instead)? So no. Then the texting began. "Are your kids going?" "I don't know. Let me check with..." "Their kids are going, so maybe." "Ok, mine are going." In the end, both A & C decided they wanted to go (A-once she realized there would be cheerleaders there), and we decided it was ok.

We also found out that both of their teachers were going. That's right, the school staff was chaperoning the "field trip." I don't know exactly how many kids went from their school, but I do know that 1,800 tickets were sold to STUDENTS in the district and that they had 38 buses from elementary schools, the middle school and the high school that went to the game today. You read that right...1,800 students were bused to the game. Crazy!! That's when it felt like a small town to me.

I think it's fantastic that the school district coordinated the event to get all of the students to the game. I commend the staff that went with to chaperone the kids-they probably didn't watch too much of the game, as they were probably worried about the kids (at least that's how I would have been). I've heard of out of town teams bussing fans in, but I've never heard of local teams doing it.

Small town...that's what it felt like today as I knew my kids were cheering loud at 10:00 sharp, knowing they were there with their classmates as the girls basketball team came away with a WIN!

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