Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Heart

The heart is meant for many things. It is meant for the functionality God made it for: to keep you alive. It beats. It thumps. It pumps blood in all directions so you can stay alive. You can feel it in your chest. Sometimes it beats fast. Sometimes it beats slow. No matter what, you always know it is there.

The heart is also meant for love. It helps you love your significant other. There are moments when you are sure it skips a beat because you are shocked, surprised, amazed, scared...the list is endless. It loves things. It loves people. It loves animals. The way it feels when something unexplainable is just that: unexplainable.

The heart is amazing. When it works.

Sometimes the unexplainable happens and the heart just can't take it. Sometimes it just doesn't work the way it should work-medically. That's where we're at. With my mom. Blech.

Today we found out that she needs to have surgery. Essentially it is open heart surgery. But not the kind you think of. They're going to zap it and fix it and make everything right. That's it.

So that's where my heart is at today...thinking about another heart, literally, while my heart, emotionally, is heavy with what Mom is going through, has gone through, and will go through.

I love you, mom! I know in my heart everyone will be fine because you are loved!

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