Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tying My Shoes

A...Guess what? I know how to tie my shoes. Yep. I do. Know what that means? I get to wear my Twinkle Toes shoes my mommy wouldn't let me wear until I learned how to tie my shoes myself. I guess I see her point. I mean, she'd have to be tying my shoes a lot. Because I didn't know how to tie them. But now I do! Yippee! See, there was this class at "The Mall of the America," at one of my my mommy's favorite stores: Nordstrom. They even let us in early to go to shoe tyin' class! The lights weren't even all on in there. And then I heard voices over the ceiling that talked about a fashion show. We didn't do that though. We tied shoes.
They taught us a little poem to go along with tying our shoes. We made a mountain and found a secret hole. That part was tricky. But I got it. Afterwards they gave us a bag with lots of things in it. And, guess what?! We even got to have a free chocolate chip cookie from the cafe downstairs! There was a surprise in the cookies: gooey chocolate chips. I shared a bite with my mommy because I know how much she loves chocolate chips. We were really lucky to have a cookie in the MORNING! But the best part is now I know how to tie my shoes! And...I'm only 5.
C...Guess what? I know how to tie my shoes! Wait, you already knew that? It was my sister, wasn't it. She was the one who told you. She always tells everything first. Well, I'm going to tell you too! We went to "The Mall of the 'Merica" on Saturday and went to a shoe tying class. I didn't even know we were going to a class until my mama told me. She always does the neatest things with us. I love it. I was a little frustrated with tying my shoes at first. I kept getting mixed up with the laces.
The first part is the trickiest for me. After I get that part down then it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. I can even go super fast through the mountain-making loop and finding the secret hole. But even then sometimes I go too fast and have to start over. It takes lots and lots of practice. Sometimes I get frustrated but then I try again. Daddy says I have to do it over and over again to get really good at it. By the time the class was finished I could do it! I think my sister could do it before me, but that's ok. I still got to do it.
And, did you hear that we had a chocolate chip cookie in the morning? I know. Lucky. Then we had apple juice with it. My favorite. I always drink that up way too fast, but it's because I love it so much! Another thing I really liked about that morning was the bag of stuff we got. There were some little toys in our bag and a paper shoe for us to practice on. The nice girls that taught our class gave us a balloon, too. I got a green one to match my shirt. I'm happy Mommy and Daddy took us to practice shoe tying because now I can wear my basketball shoes. They're really fast shoes that my dad bought for me this winter when I played basketball. Now I can wear those ones and my sneakers. I love wearing my tie shoes!


  1. This is too cute! I can't believe Nordstrom had a class for tying shoes. (And choc. chip cookies to boot!) Yea!

  2. What a darling piece! I could just hear your children telling Nana the story.